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StreamLink is a crypto-only application that offers different service worldwide
like Gift Cards, prepaid mobile Refills, Lightning Network Services to consumers and business enterprises.

Stage 1 of 30

Price for 1 StreamLink



Token sold

Next stage price will be 0.25

After 30 stage completed the PancakeSwap listing will be on Q2 2022 and the price will be 8x this current offer at $1.65

The Benefits Of Streamlink

30-stage sale
to use
Any time

Streamlink Wallet

The next generation DeFi wallet that provides high performance features in exchanging cryptocurrencies.

  • StreamLink Wallet is a decentralized wallet that designed for account holders to hold their digital assets and private key belong to them only.StreamLink wallet provides peer crypto-fiat trading features, which allow users to trade any cryptocurrency listed on any exchange for fiat within the STLK network.

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Streamlink app store Streamlink google play

Streamlink App

STLK App is an electronic commerce platform specialized in the resale of closed-loop gift cards, vouchers and phone top-ups.

  • StreamLink App has enabled crypto payments for reservations made on the booking service which would allow customers to make reservations not only with StreamLink Token and also with other crypto-currency. STLK App has great features where customers can search and get connected to service provider any time for reaching.

Coming Soon

Streamlink app store Streamlink google play

Token Sale

Streamlink will be released on the basis of (Binance Smart Chain).

  • Be part of the next-generation launchpad that finds, funds, launches, and incubates deserving blockchains projects

  • Start

  • End

  • Acceptable currencies


  • Number of tokens for sale

  • Minimal transaction amount

  • maximum transaction amount

Refer A Friend

With our recommendation programme, you can earn additional Streamlink tokens by inviting friends to the Streamlink Community.


As soon as one of the friends you have invited make a purchase, both, you will receive a commission of 20% and your invited friend a commission of 10% of the purchase value in Streamlink tokens.





Founders & Team




Marketing & Referral system



Contract address

Symbol STLK
Name Streamlink
Platform BEP-20
Total Streamlink 110,000,000 STLK
Total Streamlink in PreSale 55,000,000 STLK
Founders & Team 10% (1-year token block)
Softcap 3,500,000 USD
Hardcap 20,000,000 USD

Road Map

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • October 2020

    The idea for the Streamlink is developed; first ideas are collated

    November 2020

    The concept is elaborated and completed

    December 2020

    The Streamlink is founded, and a business plan are drawn up

  • Q1 2021

    Start of programming

    Q2 2021

    The Streamlink website and dashboard are created.

    Q3 2021

    Creating StreamLink Token and finishing the whitepape.Social media creation and distribution of airdrop.

    Q4 2021

    Streamlink ICO is available and start of the Pre-Sale.

  • Q2 2022

    Ending of pre-sale

    Q3 2022

    List on DEXs and CEXs exchange "Gate ,Bittrex, P2pb2b, PancakeSwap".

    Q4 2022

    Developing STLK Tokens Wallet App (Android, Ios)

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Audited by eNebula
Smart contract audit is available in Download the audit report to learn more

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To give you a little insight, we would like to introduce you
to the most important people behind StreamLink Token.

  • Md.Al Jamal

    CEO & Lead Blockchain
  • David Kovar

    Blokchain Developer
  • Gabriela Novák

    Marketing Manager
  • Adélka Svobodová

    Community Manager


  • Daniel Polak

    Head of Legal
  • Eliška Cermak

    Legal Advisor

Investors & Partners

Frequently Asked Question

What is Streamlink ?

StreamLink Token is an electronic commerce platform serves the community and facilitates its transactions in purchasing through the application.Through standardized procedures, we enable both, clients and consumers, to easily connect to their own system.

How can I buy Streamlink ?

Streamlink will be sold on our website Just click “Join and Buy Token Now”,register yourself with your E-Mail and after confirmation of your E-Mail you are ready to buy your first Streamlink.

Which coin are you accepting for the ICO of Streamlink?

We accept the following coins as payment method:
- Bitcoin (BTC)
- Ethereum (ETH)
- USDT / USD Tether (ERC20)
- Binance Coin (BNB)
- Tron (TRX)
- Litecoin (LTC)
- Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Can you explain the stage system?

We will sell 55,000,000 Streamlink in 30 stages. In each stage 1,000,000 Streamlink can be bought. The price starts at 0.20 USD in stage 1 and with each stage the price increases 0.05 USD. So, in stage 2 the price will be 0.25 USD, in stage 3 it will be 0.30 USD and in stage 30 the price for Streamlink will finally reach 1.65 USD. The Streamlink will be listed for an initial price of 1.65 USD and will be supported at this price with all the available liquidity.

When the StreamLink ICO PreSale will be finished?

We will sell our STLK tokens in 30 stages.When all 30 stages are finished the ICO PreSale will end and our STLK tokens will be listed on several decentralized and centralized exchanges. The timeline for this is 2022.

Is Affiliate Program available?

Yes it is , You will find your referral link inside your account. If you send the referral link to one of your friends and they buy Streamlink afterwards, you will be directly rewarded with 20% of the amount in Streamlink into your account.

Will you support the Listing Price of 1.65 USD with enough liquidity?

We from Streamlink guarantee that every cent we raise through our ICO will be put into the liquidity to support the price of STLK at 1.65 USD listing price. We personally bought STLK Tokens at 0.20 USD in the first stage, Furthermore we have 11,000,000 STLK tokens allocated for the effort of the team as shown in our Tokenomics, but these tokens are time-locked for 1 year.

How can I add Streamlink to my wallet?

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